Howdy lovlies,

I hope you are well, and had a lovely weekend?

Well I had an interesting one! If you read my post on Friday ‘ Why I’m Nervous Today‘ you’ll know I was supposed to be taking part in the Great London Swim on Saturday in the Thames, to raise money for The PKD charity.

At 4pm, I was casually checking my email, and this popped up….


My stomach sank. Was this a hoax? IS THIS REAL LIFE? I had a hotel booked for the evening. My plan was to go straight from work, quickly pack, then get into London. I couldn’t believe it. The event I’d been working towards for around 6 months, training for, raising money for, was cancelled.

Now what do I do?

I quickly went on to Twitter to see what everyone else was saying, and unsurprisingly there were a lot of annoyed people there too. However, after letting it all sink in a bit, I thought to myself. Right, I’m going to do this mile regardless. So, I decided that on the Saturday morning, I’d get up anyway, and do the distance in a lake near to me, where I had trained. I was determined not to let anyone down.

Saturday morning came, and as I was standing next to the freezing cold lake at 7am just about to go in, I thought to myself. What am I doing. BUT, thinking about all the money I’d raised I popped my brave face on and took the cold plunge.

It felt like I was swimming in slow motion I was so cold, it was the hardest swim I’d done. Coupled with the fact I had a rotten cold (perfect timing), and a small wetsuit strangle incident, I kept on swimming (as Dory would say), and I finally dragged myself out of the water after the mile, nervous to ask my husband how long it had taken me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear I’d completed the mile in around 48 mins. Here’s some sexy photos of me in my wetsuit. You’re welcome.


Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well?

If you’ve been following my blog and social media for a while, you’ll know I’ve been banging on about an event I’m taking part in. It’s now got to the point where the time is nearly here, the event is tomorrow. That event is the Great London Swim, and I’ll be swimming in the Thames to raise money for charity.

To be honest with you, I’m absolutely terrified. My anxiety is way off the scale at the moment, I’m finding it hard to control the shakes. I also seem to have come down with some kind of cold hybrid, making it hard to breathe through my nose. Which is perfect when you can’t breathe through your mouth properly, cheers body. The reason why I’m terrified is I’m so scared of letting people down. I want to do well, I want to get a good time, I want to suceed. It’s time’s like this that I have to remind myself WHY I’m doing this.



greatlondonswimPhoto taken from the Great London Swim website

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you’re all well?

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE eyebrows. They’re my favourite part of my make up routine. I think this stems from always having horrible eyebrows, and the difference I’ve noticed since I’ve been showing them a bit more love.  When I was younger they were giant and bushy and unruly. Before I was allowed to have them waxed, I made the sad mistake of plucking them way too far inwards, and cause damage that took a long time to fix.

When I first started filling in my brows, I used powder, but I found that this was hard to make natural looking. It looked too blocky. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. Just shoving some product on and hoped for the best. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different brow products, so when I heard about the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I knew it was something I needed to try. I’d been lusting over this particular product for a long time, and a little while back I just thought stuff it, and plonked it into my online shopping basket.

I got mine from Cult Beauty, in the shade Medium Ash and it set me back £15.50. With the steeper price tag, and with all the rave reviews, I was expecting a lot from this little brow product.


The Brow Wiz comes with a small nib at one end. This is what so many people love, that you can create small natural strokes which mimic eyebrow hairs. This is something that really appealed to me as I much prefer to have my brows looking natural rather than drawn on. I found this so easy to use, and I love the effect that it gives. I like to start in the middle of my brow, focusing there and on the ends, keeping my strokes light and soft.

The only downside I’ve found with this, is that you don’t actually get a lot of product. I’ve started using this more sparingly as I’m concerned it will run out too quickly. I twisted mine all the way up and found that there wasn’t a lot there. I don’t know if this is normal, but I’d love to be getting a little more for my money.

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you are well?

Today I’m talking about the good old cat eye. The bain of so many people’s lives. Ah I’ve just do a thin line. Perfect. Now to try the other side. Oh great, you want to be thick do you. No problemo, I’ll just thicken up the other side. Oh, now you’re wonky are you? Great. FINE I’LL HAVE PANDA LINER.

However, since trying this eyeliner, I’ve found that it’s so much easier, and there’s the added bonus that it’s an absolute bargain.  On a recommendation from SarahSpeaks I picked up the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner, and since then I haven’t turned back. I’ve always loved adding a winged liner to a look, and these were only £2.99 each, so I picked up the brown and the black.


Okay, I don’t know if they last for 24 hours (who wears eyeliner for 24 hours?!), but they do last me all day, and the thin pointed tip means that it’s so so easy to apply my liner. I normally start from the middle, then bring it towards the front of my eye, and then out to the edge to create that perfect wing. It has a stiff nib (that’s what she said), which I really like in a liner, if they’re too flimsy I find it gets absolutely everywhere.

Honestly for £2.99, I don’t know how I didn’t have this product in my life before!


wingsPs I totally have clothes on here…

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well?

Some of you may know that this past Sunday (24th August) was my 1st wedding anniversary! So I thought I’d just a little post and let you all know what I got up to! :)

I actually started this blog just after my wedding, so it’s crazy to think how quickly this year has gone! We actually took the Friday off work to chill, so on the Thursday before, the lovely Monica came over to my house and dyed my hair purple. Yup. If you’re interested, I used the Fudge Purple Haze colour dye.



Then on the Saturday we headed into London to see the Book of Mormon (which was flipping awesome) and went for lunch! I got some chicken strips and sweet potato fries, which were so yummy.

bookofmormon food

Then it was the Sunday, our actual anniversary! We decided to go for a nice walk round the lakes by our house and got ice creams and just enjoyed chatting and spending time together. Then we had an indoors picnic as it started to rain. Stupid English weather!