Beauty Wishlist For Skin | Guest Post

So to those of you who keep a close eye on BeautyinBeta may recognise AlexRocksxo from a set of blog posts Beth and I created (you can see mine here and Beth’s here) and while she is on her honeymoon (which I am very jealous of) she has invited me to do a blog post for her blog, so thank you Beth! Hope you’re having a lovely holiday!

I have been having such awful skin lately, constant breakout leaving tonnes of red scars and it’s pretty crap, my forehead is the worst and I have been looking for some cover up make up that doesn’t look obvious. As I don’t think a cakey face on anyone looks good and especially not me! The products I have picked I have seen reviewed all over the internet for being great natural looking cover ups and I shall be investing in some when I get paid!

I chose the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders because if I use a concealer I want to set it and I have heard so much about these powders, they look so gorgeous and I would love to try some of them! For the same reason as before I chose the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot powder, a more wallet friendly option that has had great reviews.

To actually cover up the blemishes the first product I thought of was the Nars Creamy Concealer, I have tried the Collection 2000 concealer and I hated it, it was cakey and really obvious, I heard EssieButton talking about this and thought it may be one to try out. To buff in the concealer I chose the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, another product raved about by EssieButton and I genuinely trust every word that comes out of her mouth, its affordable and looks such great quality. If I wanted a heavier coverage I chose the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, a heavier coverage but what I have seen of it looks natural and effortless. Slightly pricey but worth it if I can hide this god awful skin.

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How To – Dramatic Kohl Smokey Eye | Guest Post

When Beth asked me to write a guest post for her I was at first quite excited as it was a chance to feature on one of my favourite blogs. Then I had the drama of “Ohmigosh! What do I write!?” I sat for ages thinking about it. I had no ideas, but after creating a Dramatic Red and Black Smokey Eye using Kohl Eyeliner on my blog, a few people asked how I did it, so I decided that I would show you how I do a Kohl Smokey Eye.

 You’ll need:

  • A blending brush (I used Crown Brush C433)
  • An small brush to apply eyeshadow (I actually used a lip brush as it’s then easier to apply colour in a small space)
  • A Kohl Eyepencil in a dark colour (I used Mehron Kohl Black)
  • An eyeshadow in whatever colour you like. (I used Barry M 73 Red)
  • Another eyeshadow to highlight I used (Ruby & Millie Metallic Powder 10 White. Yes, it’s a little old but I only opened it recently and I can’t bear to throw it away)

What I Used


I find it’s easier to do a Smokey Eye if you haven’t put your foundation on first, this way any mistakes can be easily cleaned up. However as I have Acne Rosacea I used a tinted moisturiser before doing this tutorial so you didn’t have to damage your eyes with the state of my skin.  To begin prime your eyes as usual. I use liquid foundation to prime.


To get a very straight defined line you can use either a make-up sponge placed at the corner of your eye. You can also do this with tape or plasters (just mind your eyelashes and hair line!) If you’re confident applying make-up then you don’t have to use either, but the line will not be as defined. Personally I prefer tape/plasters to a sponge as I find I have a bad habit of moving the sponge around. I used plasters for the sake of this tutorial. You can call me Plasters McGoo. It’s my Gangster Name. Continue reading

Three Beauty Hacks | Guest Post

Hi everyone!  I’m Penny and I blog over at LilliesandLove.

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Beth for entrusting me with Beauty In Beta today and I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine on your honeymoon!  Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

When Beth asked if I’d like to guest post I jumped at the chance.  In the relatively short time this blog has been around it’s become one of my ‘must reads’.  Not only does it feel like Beth is really talking to you, but her tips, advice and opinions have been great.  I’m in the middle of a 2-year spending ban at the moment but if I wasn’t I know Beth would have been solely responsible for so many purchases!haha

I’m a lifestyle blogger so guest posting on a beauty blog presented a challenge – I love the beauty world but I don’t consider myself to actually know anything worth passing on.  That was until this week when I was presented with three facts which turned my beauty mind upside down and made me wonder, “Has my life been a lie up to now?”

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Cats Are Better | Guest Post

So the lovely Beth has jetted off to Mauritius and has left her blog in some our capable hands! I’m Vicky from Lots of Love, Me. and Beth was the FIRST ever blogger I met, at an Adourable press launch. I’m so proud to have watched her blog grow from strength to strength, but the one thing that has remained largely prevalent on her blog is her love for her big, fluffy cat, Gizmo. I too, have a loveable, purring creature that takes over my house in the form of my cat Daisy – so it’s always nice to see a fellow cat-loving blogger.

 So my blog post for her today is, why cats are the best pets.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a dog-hater, I just feel I was a cat in a past life…

  1. Cats are polite

It’s true! When you have guests over, dogs leap and jump and paw them for attention. They constantly need approval by playing catch, sitting on command and licking said guest’s face. Cats just sit and watch, and wait… once they’ve sussed out guests intentions, they’ll casually sidle over, perhaps give an occasional rub against the legs kind of affair, or allow a head ticket. Dogs, they need to be issued with ASBOs…

2. Cats are smart

It’s scientifically proven that cats are smarter than dogs… They use their whiskers to measure spaces, they’re agile, they bring your presents (even though a mouse might not be considered one in our eyes) and they are just generally very smart.



 3. Cats purrrrrrrrr

Oh how I love the sound of a cat’s purrr! It let’s us mere mortals know that our feline friends are happy, or hungry, or both. It’s such a comforting buzz that I frequently enjoying falling asleep to!

4. Cats are far funnier

Let’s face it, the Internet is filled with comical cat videos, and some of the most entertaining animal celebrities are cats (Google: Grumpy Cat, Princess Monster Truck, Snoopy the Cat, Lil Bub, Colonel Meow, Nala or Hamilton the Hipster Cat – to name a few!) It’s if cat’s know they’re comical geniuses, that they plan their comic timing, their slip off the counter, their selfie taking or smacking head on mirror the moments. I guess it’s not a dog’s fault – they are just bigger creatures, cats are just versatile you can put any costume on them! Continue reading

The TMI Tag | Guest Post

PixiRella TMI TAG

As beautiful Beth is on her travels (Happy Honeymoon-ing Gorge!) she asked if I would like to do a guest post to help her blog keep ticking over whilst she suns herself, sips cocktails and generally enjoys not being in England! Of course I jumped at the chance and thought I would do the infamous TMI Tag that has been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time now.

I hope you enjoy the post and would like to take part yourselves if you haven’t already! So lets goooooo…

1: What are you wearing?
A black and white gingham shift dress from Primark. It was a tenner and is springtime perfect.

2: Ever been in love?
Yes –first love, last love, only love – its only love. 10 PixiRella Points if you know where that is from!

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
It wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t jumping for joy either. Continue reading