Howdy lovelies,

I hope you’re all well?

I’m not going to take too much of your time today, but just wanted to talk about something quickly in the hope you’ll be able to help me out! :) This is so exciting, but the t shirt I spoke about in my last post. Read here – the competition is now live. So if you’re feeling generous, please do vote for here – VOTE HERE  All you have to do is click on the link and vote, and the shirt with the most votes will be made by Boo Hoo! Thank you!


Also a whole load of celebrities have designed proper t shirts that you can buy here from Boo Hoo, with £5 from each one sold going to the Stroke Association. Bargain right? All the money raised will go towards helping people who have suffered from strokes, especially young people, so please do go and check out their site!


I hope you guys like my t shirt, please do leave a comment down below what your famous last words would be! Thanks to Boo Hoo and the Stroke Association for the opportunity to take part!

Lots of love,

Beth xx

LEASE VOTE – If you love my t shirt, you can help me get it made. All you have to do is click on the link and vote, and the shirt with the most votes will be made by Boo Hoo! Thank you! <3 VOTE HERE 
Howdy lovelies,

I hope you’re all well?

Got something really exciting I want to share with you today. So I was recently contacted by Boo Hoo about their latest campaign with The Stroke Association, called Style For Stroke. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of strokes, especially in young people, involves a whole load of people (including celebs) who have been designing t shirts based of the idea of famous last words. The whole idea was that these were meant to be something you would want to be remembered by, and I had a tough time thinking of what I wanted to do. I thought maybe something inspiring or cool or funny, but it was hard to pin something down.

So without further ado, here is my t shirt design!

Drum roll please……

Howdy lovlies,


I hope you are all well?


Philosophy is one of those brands I haven’t tried a lot, but always see and lust over, so when I was asked if I would like some Philosophy products from John Lewis I was really excited. I only got my mitts on these recently, but wanted to do a quick first impressions post.

So the first thing I used from the collection was the The Microdelivery Peel. I’d heard a little bit about this, but when I asked my skincare guru (SurelyChar), she was immediately jealous I had it, so I knew that it must be good.

As this is a skincare product I want to use it for a while before giving it a proper review, but first impressions are GOOD. I’ve only used it twice but hot diggity damn my skin feels as soft as the bum cheek of a baby. I was a bit unsure about using it at first, I think because of the peel in the name, but I didn’t have anything to worry about.


£59.50 (however it’s £53.55 as of today)

Howdy lovelies,

I hope you’re all well?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I am a sucker for hummingbirds. They are my favourite wildlife creature, I think they’re beautiful. If I ever see anything with hummingbirds on, I pretty much will always buy it. So yeah.. I like hummingbirds… So when I saw this beautiful Hummingbird Pendant by Gallardo and Blaine (£25.00)*I was like sign  me up please! I was also a fan of her fox and dragonfly, which are also part of the wildlife collection but as I’m a hummingbird lover, I had to have this in my collection. I also love that all of the jewellery by the designer Madeleine is made in the UK, and all designs are inspired by her travels.


This piece really stood out to me on the Jewel Street online store but I honestly could spend hours browsing the  looking through all of the designers, and checking out new pieces. I love that there’s something for whatever mood you’re in. I had so many things that I could have added to my basket and I’m certain you’ll find something you’re after, whether it’s quirky little pieces, statement necklaces or gem encrusted luxury. The site is so easy to navigate your way round meaning you can quickly jump between designers to find your perfect piece of jewellery.



This Hummingbird pendant comes with either a 16 or 18″ chain, and is sterling silver, which I love as I know that it will last a long time.  I feel like mine’s a bit extra special, as he’s got a bit of a wonky eye, and so do I, so maybe we’re a match made in heaven! It’s just the right size for me to wear everyday, and I’ve already worn it out and had a few compliments on him.


I love my little hummingbird, and he’s a lovely addition to my hummingbird family! It’s definitely a piece that I will continue to wear daily. I feel like he needs a name though, what shall I call him?

Also, what would your picks be from the Jewel Street website?

Lots of love,



19. 04. 2015

Howdy lovelies,

Hope you’re all well?

You may have noticed (well, you may not have noticed at all), that I haven’t been blogging a lot recently. There’s been no particular reason to be honest with you, I just haven’t felt like my heart is in it. Does anyone else get this? I read a lot of blogs, and I sometimes feel like my posts just get lost in the abyss of much more talented writers. Bloggers who can take amazing photos, bloggers who know their strengths and can work with them, bloggers who get so much engagement with whatever they do. Then there’s me. I don’t really know what posts I want to write, what people like, what I can do. I write posts, then I delete them. I think of ideas, then dismiss them as boring or unlikely to stir any kind of interest.

Why is this, why does it matter? I started this blog for myself, as an escape, somewhere to put down ideas that I found interesting. As the blogging world increases in size, so does the competition, and there’s always a part of me saying, you can’t compete with that, so why try. But then isn’t that the same for anything in this world. We have to face facts that there will always be someone who’s better than you at something, but that doesn’t make what you’re doing any less relevant.