Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I’ve just been feeling a bit meh about everything I’ve been writing. I didn’t want to just put anything up just for the sake of it. I don’t know what was going on but I just couldn’t decide on what to write, what to do. Then I was reading Fee’s blog Make Up Savvy, and she posted the Blog Reader Tag and I was like perfect this is exactly what I need.


So there’s a few questions below and I’d be super grateful if you could copy and paste the below questions into the comments and answer them for me.

1.What are your favourite type of blog posts to read on my blog?
2. What epitomises a good  blog to you?
3. How often do you read blogs in general and at what time of day?
4. How do you keep up with new posts from the blogs you love (Bloglovin’, email updates, GFC, tweets from the blogger)?
5. What is your blogger pet peeve?
6. What would you love to see more of on my blog?
7. Name a few of your favourite blogs

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re well?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I watch Halloween tutorials and I think ‘How the bloomin’ eck am I going to recreate that’?! They look AMAZING, but sometimes you need a million products, and spend loads of money, and it still never looks the same. I’d love to be that talented, but sadly for me, I have to stick to something a bit easier.

So I wanted to do a look that was super simple to recreate and didn’t cost loads of money. The look that I’ve done is the Natalie Portman from Black Swan look. You could just pair this with a black tank top and a cheap tutu and you’re sorted. Or if you’ve got a bit more money spare, you could get some cool creepy contacts to make this extra spooky.



Also, if you haven’t got any ideas for Halloween,  I’ve got a discount code for you guys to use for Boo Hoo!  The code is HALLOWEEN10 and you get 10% off anything in the Halloween category. You can use it from now until 30th October. Woo! Happy costuming! :)

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well and had a good weekend? I wanted to share with you something fun I’m taking part in, and you can too! SACO (The Serviced Apartment Company are holding a beauty blogger competition where you can win £150 of vouchers (yes please!). There’s nothing to pay to enter or anything, all you need to do is create two looks (day and night) with only 5 products and put it up on your blog! The main idea is to imagine that you’re going away for the weekend, and can only take limited products. So for my entry, I’ve done a little YouTube video for my entry, or I’ve done a step by step tutorial below with photos too! There’s still time to enter if you want to, it closes on the 24th October.  All the ts and cs are here – SACO Beauty Blogger Challenge leave me a comment below if you enter! :)

Products Used:

Bourjois CC Cream
Urban Decay Naked 1
Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara
Collection 24 Hour Liner
MAC Rebel

Day/Natural Look:

Step 1: Applied CC Cream all over with a beauty blender


Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well?

Today is an exciting day! A year ago today I posted my first blog post on Beauty In Beta (which you can read here if you’re interested) which kick started this amazing journey I’ve been on.

I started this blog as a way to channel all the things in my crammed head into a little place I could call my own. I wanted to start something new, I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to try and write about my passions and hopefully inspire others to do the same.


So on my 1st Blog Birthday, I thought I’d write a little post of my random thoughts. Strap in, it’s probably going to be a long one!

Little did I know that a year later I would consider blogging such a massive part of my life. I’ve met SO many amazing people on my journey, and some who I now consider best friends. They’re the first people I speak to in the morning, and also who I can always count on. They’re the ones who can sense when things aren’t going so well, and they’re the first people to message me. The type of support I’ve received from the blogging community is unparalleled. Never have I found a group of people who are so happy for eachother, who are so passionate about their creations that

Of course it hasn’t always been an upward journey. I’ve faced severe self doubt, uncertainty of if I was good enough (which still plagues me), people telling me that I’m not good enough, really intense personal criticism, but the good always outweighs the bad.

Looking back, I’m so proud of everything that I’ve done, even things that I never thought I’d be able to do. Of course some of the things I struggle with, are likely to never go away completely, but I’ve met others who suffer from the same problems, so I now have that strong support network helping me along the way. I’ve also learned that there are always going to be people who try and pull you down, but in the end, that’s their problem, not yours. If they are hateful enough to intentionally make you feel bad about yourself, then that’s their negative outlook that needs to change, not you. 

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re all well? So, yesterday I uploaded a little video of my September Favourites as I thought it might be fun to do it in video form! I also did a first look at the Zoella Beauty products by Zoella that I got recently! I hope you like it! If you do, please do give it a cheeky like, and leave me a comment! Oh, also if you’re not subscribed, why not make my day and sign up to see some more of my videos! :)