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A bit of a random one today, but this week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and I couldn’t let that pass me by without a little post about it.



I actually did a video on this a while back, and my thought on invisible illnesses, so if you prefer to watch it you can do here below, however if you prefer to read then I’ll write about it too!


The subject of invisible illnesses is something that I feel so passionate about, as it’s something which affects my life on a daily basis. On the outside I likely look like quite a healthy young (young-ish) person, but sometimes deadling with a silent illness (or in my case multiple) can be a real struggle. I feel like it’s time to properly talk about these things.

My main problem is surprisingly not my most prominent illness. The main thing that I suffer from is a rare kidney disease called PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) which you can read more about here, and my recent fundraising efforts for them. This one I can’t really do much about, it’s incurable, so I just plod along with life, trying not to think about it too much. To also make it extra nice, I currently have small kidney stones cause me grief, but I digress. 

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re well?

Today I’m chatting all things fake tan! I’m no tanning expert, truth be told it scares me, I wish I was better at it because I could be nice and glowy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be tantastic, but sometimes I’m so pallid, it would be nice to look a bit more alive. I’ve only tried tanning myself a couple of times before, so when I got the the opportunity to try the St Moriz Self Tanning Mist*(RRP £4.99) I thought, well why not!



So first up I read the instructions (like a good girl) and exfoliated my body in the shower with the Exfoliating Body Scrub (RRP £1.99) The scrub is a brown gel with little beads in and actually smells really nice, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. I got rid of all the dead skin on my body, making sure to focus on those areas that get a bit more dry like my cankles, knee folds and crinkly elbows. Once I was out of the shower, I moisturised, and focused again on the dryer areas. I used the Lauren’s way moisturiser, as I had that to hand, but it took quite a long while to soak in.

Howdy lovlies,

Hope you’re well?

I’ve been so extremely lucky to go to a few events recently, and I absolutely love them as I get to meet so many lovely bloggers, and spend time with friends. The latest event I went to was on Saturday, and was the Bloggers Festival which was organised by the lovely Scarlett from Scarlett London. I actually met Scarlett back at the Hertfordshire Christmas Meal, and she’s one of the most passionate and hardworking people I know! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already.

The idea behind the event was to meet with brands, to network, and meet other bloggers in a relaxed and chilled environment. It was held at Paramount, Centre Point, which had the most amazing views over London.

As per usual I headed into London with my events buddy Monica from MothLoves, and it started off quite, hmm let’s say rocky. First off I missed my train (bums) and as I sadly sat down to wait for my next train,  I realised that I had lugged my camera into London, but had forgotten my memory card. Perfect. So we had a do a mad dash around Oxford Street to find me one, so were very nearly late getting to the events! Then when we were nearly there, some strange man ran from the other side of the road at us and was like “you’re hot, but I’m extremely concerned that you’re both really young’. After putting on my face of ‘get lost or I will hurt you’ we got rid of him. What a strange man. We seem to attract the weirdos!

I digress! We headed up to the event (up the swish lift) up to the 31st floor and were met with a glass of peach bubbly and started to make our way around the tables and started mingling. For my outfit I wore my favourite thing I’ve ever worn and it’s my crazy lady cat dress! I got this from ASOS, and it was quite pricy at £38, but I am absolutely in love. However, word to the wise, the scuba material this is made from is not heat friendly. I was absolutely roasting in it!





There were so many amazing brands there including Quiz Clothing, Urban Outfitters, Bee Good, Ecco Shoes, Minimum, Want Her Dress,, Lee Stafford, Oriflame, Search Laboratory and more. Urban Outfitters even had the opportunity to take a polaroid, and I jumped in with Monica and Vicky. I also saw people tweeting about Sweet Pizzas, which I didn’t see there, and I’m so gutted, they looked delicious.

PS  – Not sure whose photo I stole below, it’s either Monica or Vicky’s snap! Thanks whoever took this.


There were loads of lovely goody bags, and lots of business card swapping going on. I also saw people getting make overs by celebrity make up artists, tucking into cupcakes and sweet pizzas and meeting with fellow likeminded people.

Howdy lovlies,

I hope you’re well?

I wanted to share with you something that I got recently, because I was so excited when it dropped through my door.

If you know me, you’ll know I am well and truly a hoarder. I keep things, trinkets, cards, anything that people give me. I’ve got things that my younger siblings have drawn me. I’ve got cards my husband gave me when we were dating. I’m a keeper of things. I love to get my box of things out every now and again and go over the memories, flipping through photos and remembering things I’ve done. This is especially true for my wedding day. I’ve kept pressed flowers, tatty copies of speeches, wedding invites, you name it, I kept it.

I wrote a little post about my 1st wedding anniversary (which was on the 24th August), and all of the things that we got up to, but one thing that I didn’t mention was a little gift I got for my husband, a lovely photobook of photos from our wedding.

I was introduced to the world of the next generation of photobook by Snapfish*, and I’m so excited by how it turned out. Now I’ve made photobooks before, but they never looked as good as this. Firstly all the photos were stretched and weird, and they didn’t take up the whole page, just were plonked in the middle. They felt more like a photo album (which I have many of) rather than an actual photo book.

To get started with my photo book, I uploaded all of the photos that I wanted, and choosing which ones I wanted in my book was the hard part. I opted for a chronological feel. Starting with the beginning of the day at the start of the book, and then making our way through the day and all the events that took place, ending with our last dance.

I was concerned that the uploading might take a long time as I had so many photos, but was pleasently surprised that this was pretty quick to do, and I had all my photos stored ready to use in the album.


Once all of your photos are uploaded, you can then place them where you want, and can even add snippets of texts, or messages. What I also liked was that it even let me know if the photos aren’t high enough resolution, or if you have missed pages. What you don’t want is to get your photobook delivered and the photos are blurry, or you’ve got a random page with no photo!


Once you’re happy with how it all looks, you can add a theme, which adds colours and patterns, and I opted for the Hallmark theme which added a really lovely regal pattern to my pages and just finished it all perfectly. There’s also different extras you can add, such as paper finish, and I got gloss as I thought it would add an extra luxurious touch.


Then that’s it you’re all done! You can go back and check that all of the pages are how you want, and do any last minute resizing, then you just pay, and ta da! It’s done. Mine took about 5-6 working days to come, so make sure you allow a bit of time if you wanted to get a book for a special occasion!

So without further ado, here’s my lovely photobook. This isn’t all of the photos (I had quite a lot of photos, but wanted to keep some family ones private!). I know this sounds crazy but I LOVE the smell of this book, I kept sniffing it. It smells like when you get fresh new books and it’s got a lovely scent. Ok, I’ll let you look at the photos now..



snapfishalbum6 snapfishalbum5


Howdy lovlies,

I hope you’re well, and had a lovely weekend?

It’s time for my recap of Day Two of the Bloggers Love Fashion Week! If you missed my first post, you can find it here. Firstly I’m so sad that it’s all over so quickly. I love pretending not to have real life responsibilities for a while, and just be able to meet new people and new brands/ As I was lucky enough to be a VIB again, we headed up to the Penthouse at 4pm again and met everyone there. I love meeting up with all the girls everytime, it definitely feels like a VIB family!



First up on the agena was a little styling competition. I was put in a a group with the lovely Em, Monica and Vicky, and our task was to style our model (who was the lovely Leigh) with top picks from Fever and Debenhams. As I’m not really very fashion forward, I left most of the choosing to the more fashionable ladies in our group. We eventually decided on this lovely knitted white jumper, paired with pattered trousers, a pale blue jacket and a statement neckalce. This is definitely something I’d love to wear too, especially as it’s getting nearer to Autumn. We then just spent some time going round to the other brands and getting to know them.


Photo Credit – Monica