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How to wear the bohemian style?

My Lucette, did you see on TV the other day how elegant the Miss France looked in her long but flowing dress? She looked very relaxed with her wavy hair. She even had her little bag, all ready to go to a party with friends. Tell me honestly, wouldn’t your life have been a lot easier if you had known how to dress properly?

All the times we’ve gone out with friends, you could have thought of a style that suits you like the bohemian chic style and finally met someone who would get you out of that relationship with that old cad Robert, who knows? You don’t know how to wear a bohemian style? Let me explain.

What is the bohemian style?

The bohemian style embodies a true state of mind of freedom, comfort and relaxation. It gives the wearer a free, nonchalant and elegant look by favoring fluid, airy materials and large, floating pieces, without forgetting the indispensable ethnic touches such as jewelry, earrings or bags. It became a real fashion phenomenon in the 70s thanks to the hippie movement.

How to have a bohemian chic look?

To achieve a bohemian chic look, it is a matter of opting for bohemian accessories and jewelry without overdoing it. Choose materials such as cotton, linen, silk, suede or leather. To bring a touch of elegance, choose accessories adorned with embroidery, lace, beads, pompoms and feathers. For colors, choose white, ecru, camel, brown, turquoise blue and terracotta.

The essentials of the Boho-Chic look

To achieve your bohemian chic look, some pieces are to have in your dressing room:

  • The frayed cut shorts
  • The long floral dress
  • A long white or ecru embroidered skirt
  • An XXL bag in cotton or suede with bangs
  • Ethnic silver jewelry embellished with leather, shells, feathers or wood
  • Espadrilles or spartan shoes
  • A pair of sunglasses aviator model
  • A Fedora

Go for long wavy hair with a wavy style and natural makeup: it’s all about sparing and elegance!

What is a bohemian dress?

The boho dresses are chic and trendy pieces that are distinguished by their light and airy fluid cut. They are often printed with a floral or ethnic pattern, white or a light color. The bohemian dress can be long or short and it is a sexy retro piece allowing many combinations. It can be worn during the day or at night, to party or to go out with friends or to work.

Which jacket with a bohemian dress?

The ideal jacket to accompany a bohemian dress is a camel jacket in canvas or suede in warm colors. It allows to soften the flashy colors while protecting from the fresh air. You can choose it very simple or with bangs. It is a timeless jacket that adapts to all morphologies and current trends.

What shoe to wear with a bohemian dress?

The best shoes to wear with a bohemian dress are pairs of sandals or leather spartan shoes. For a boho chic style, opt for espadrilles embroidered with floral patterns or colored, adorned with beads and lace. White or natural colors like cream, beige and ivory are very pleasant to wear. For special occasions, you can opt for espadrilles with wedges.

Adopt the bohemian chic style

Fashion is an eternal restart. Styles that were popular a few decades ago are coming back with a vengeance, and it is quite distinguished to go out in a chic and feminine bohemian style nowadays. You can find many tips on the previous link to successfully find the best possible clothes to adopt a bohemian style. Know that this style is primarily known for its loose and creative clothing. Often with original patterns with quite creative designs. You can perfectly buy a pair of 70’s style bell bottoms with lots of colors to start with.

And you can easily buy dresses and long, full skirts to complete your outfit. For more femininity, you can choose split or asymmetrical dresses. Your style of dress should also be matched with jewelry that matches this style. Choose creative jewelry, whether it is earrings, rings or bracelets. You have a wide choice to stay in a bohemian and chic style and do not hesitate to fill your wrists and ears with multiple jewelry.

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