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Dolce & Gabbana Bring Electricity to the 2023 Oscars

Hollywood’s brightest stars turned out for the 2023 Oscars for a night of anticipation, glamor, and spontaneous moments on the champagne carpet. Stars drenched in jewel-covered gowns and stunning tuxedos added an extra sense of electricity to the air. The new color of the famous red carpet was not the only thing that stood out at the incredible start of the evening. Custom creations by the iconic Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana were the highlight of the star-studded runway, showcasing pieces as unique as the celebrities who wore them. Here are a few memorable appearances that were extraordinary.

Zedd Electrifies Dolce & Gabbana

The Grammy-winning DJ and electronic producer, best known for hitting the dance charts with the debut of “Clarity,” was dressed true to his uniqueness. His suit was a blue silk Sicilia-fit double-breasted tuxedo that was as electric as the music he produced. The powder blue color was anything but an old-school classic. The pastel color was reminiscent of what you might find in an old 1950s Elvis Presley movie, but with a shine from the smooth silk with a more modern satin appearance. It was a daring approach to the pastel trends of the season.

Ashley Graham

The plus-size supermodel is no stranger to the runway or the fashion of Dolce & Gabbana. The champagne carpet was yet another canvas for her to show off her sense of style and tenacity. Ms. Graham looked stunning in a design that was a version of the one she wore in the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2023 collection. Her sheer red silk draped dress paired with black satin undergarments resembled what she made famous on the runway. Ashley Graham still exudes diversity and determination as the supermodel continues to turn heads, bringing an unmistakable attitude wherever she goes. Ms. Graham is a showstopper whether in Milan or on the not-so-red carpet.

Shawn Mendes

The Canadian singer/songwriter arrived at the event wearing a black double-breasted tuxedo that made him look devilishly handsome. The wool Sicilia fit suit was a clear statement of Dolce & Gabbana in classic form. The fashion brand is widely known for making well-tailored men’s Italian suits, with this one rising to the top. The simplicity of his tuxedo had a careful accent of a tiny emerald necklace that peeked through his sheer black turtleneck. This subtle statement brought the entire look together with classic style.

Kaitlyn Dever in Dolce & Gabbana

The “Ticket to Paradise” actress looked like a million bucks as she made her way onto the champagne carpet. Her sheer strapless floor-length gown, drenched in Swavorski crystals with glass beads and boning detail, made her look sensational. The custom design from Dolce & Gabbana was a show-stopping dress. It was clear that the “Booksmart” actress has an impeccable style.

The most exciting Hollywood event of the year was a celebration of style with the innovative fashion that is Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian fashion brand has gifted fans with beautiful and stunning collections at the Oscars for many years. Their custom gowns and tuxedos will always be something celebrities and fans will look forward to long into the future.

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