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Top 5 Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines

Our hair defines us and is something that makes us unique, so if we start losing hair and start to see a visible change, it can be daunting and often upsetting for many of us. There are different types of hair loss that we may experience as we get older – if you’re a man, male pattern baldness tends to start with the hair receding. It is progressive, and not every man that suffers from this type of hair loss becomes completely bald. There are ways that you can combat a receding hairline, whether that’s choosing to have a hair transplant in Turkey or simply styling your hair in a way so that it is less noticeable. Here are a few popular styles that are perfect for a receding hairline.

  1. Undercut

This style is great for balancing out a receding hairline. Undercuts consist of shaving the back and sides of the head, which helps to disguise any thinning or receding hairlines. Undercuts are incredibly fashionable and lend themselves to hairstyles that are longer on the top so that you can comb it over and slick it back. It is a modern style that is popular with a lot of men, so if you’re worried about a receding hairline and how you’re going to style it, adding an undercut can be the basis of a whole range of hairstyles.

  1. Taper fade

Not too dissimilar from the undercut is the taper fade haircut – a style you’ll recognise instantly for its classic look. It works well for men with receding hairlines, and with so many different fades to choose from, you can tailor a look that is most suited to your hairline and something that is most suitable for your style. Taper fades work by having your barber or hairdresser start high with clippers and tapering down to a short length. This style is great for keeping a longer length on top, which comes in handy if you’re trying to disguise bald spots or thinning hair.

For men that are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is recommended that the fade blends directly into the high, receding hairline to help when it comes to drawing attention away from the hairline.

  1. Keep it short

If the first two options aren’t something that you think would suit you, you can keep it simple and keep it short. Short haircuts work well if your hair is receding, and you may not think so, but there are a lot of styles you can choose from if you’re thinking about keeping it short! You could opt for an all-over shave, buzz cut style, and go for something slightly longer like a crew cut if you’re not ready to commit to all-over short hair. If you keep your hair short everywhere, people will be less likely to see any balding and won’t be able to compare it to the hair on the top of your head.

Short hairstyles are simple and easy to maintain. If you’re put off by the idea of styling hair that is longer on the top, a short hairstyle would be great for you, as it takes very little effort to keep it looking good.

  1. Long hair

If you have long, flowing locks and have started to notice your hairline is beginning to recede, you will understandably be worried about sustaining your signature hairstyle – but don’t panic! There are ways that long hair can be styled to suit a receding hairline with ease. Keeping your hair long works best if you have thick hair, and these days, the most popular hairstyles lend themselves to free-flowing hair, such as the man bun, or ponytail. Man buns styled with a fade means you can keep your long hair but also add an extra element to blend the hairline. If you have long hair, you can create a bit of texture and body by adding a small amount of product for that bit of extra volume.

  1. Slick it back or comb it over

Both styles are becoming a favourite amongst men recently, whether you’re suffering from a receding hairline or not, it can look great. If you have thick hair on top, parting your hair and combing it over can hide any visible signs of thinning hair, and receding. A slick back style with a fade is also great for hiding any unwanted hairlines and is simple to maintain. These styles are great for creating a sophisticated, stylish look and are great at taking the emphasis off your hairline.

If you have thick hair, these styles can work particularly well, and you can achieve these with ease by asking your barber. If you have thin hair, a slick back or comb over probably isn’t the best style to choose, as it doesn’t look as effective if your hair is simply too thin. If you want to try one of these styles, grow your hair out first, or better still, consult with your barber for an expert opinion.

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