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Ordering Custom Embroidered Patches On A Budget

A custom embroidered patch is a great way of marketing and promotion, whether that’s for a business or charity, team, or workplace. These patches can be attached to almost any item of clothing, a bag, or accessories so that you can be identified in a single glance. If you’re thinking about designing and ordering embroidered patches, there are ways that you can get the best result, for a low price. Just because they’re custom made, that doesn’t mean they have to be pricey!

What can they be used for?

Embroidered patches are the most traditional type of patch, and are made up of thread, on a backing of twill. They are used for sports teams, fashion, the armed forces, and school uniforms – to name a few. They are hard-wearing, especially when sewn on, so can be a good permanent fixture that won’t come off in the wash. Here are a few things the consider if you’re hoping to order custom patches on a budget.

Type of patch

It is important to consider the type of patch you’re choosing and how much it is going to cost. In general, your standard embroidered, or woven patch is going to be the most affordable option. If you’re thinking about choosing a PVC or printed patch, the price will increase. PVC patches are great for sports teams, as they can be wiped clean and can withstand heavy wear, but because of the PVC material, you’re looking at a substantial price increase.

Patch size

Generally, the bigger the patch, the more expensive. If you design a large patch, this can allow for a more detailed design, however, it also means more material, thread and backing, so will result in a larger bill. If you can reduce the size of your patch, this could be advantageous when it comes to keeping the cost down, but remember – the smaller the patch, the simpler the design must be.

Patch design

The design of your patch is arguably the most important part. It helps with identification and makes your club, team, or workplace recognisable at a glance. When designing your patch, it is essential that you choose contrasting colours for the most eye-catching and impactful design – the more colours you choose, the more expensive it could become! When choosing your patch provider, you should check if they offer a certain number of colours free of charge, you can use this as a guide to ensure you’re not choosing too many colours that will push you over budget. Simplicity is key when it comes to keeping costs low.

Order Size

The more patches you order, the more money you can save. Patch design websites tend to offer discounts on orders over a certain number. Ordering a small batch may end up more expensive in the long run, so ordering a batch that will last may be the best option. You can review custom patch companies online to see which offer the best discount for the number of patches you need. A bigger order means a lesser production cost, which results in the patch’s overall price dropping. Order more to save more.

Offers to look out for

If you’re ordering custom patches on a budget, websites tend to offer deals on multiple orders. There are a few things to look for when you’re choosing the best website for you, such as if they have a repeat order discount, which means if you are buying in bulk regularly, you can get money off. You could also look for free delivery options, so you can save a bit of extra money where you can. Some websites even offer to price match patches for you if you’ve found they cost less elsewhere. Do some research before you make your decision so that you’re sure you’re getting as much from your money as possible.

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