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1. Selling/Buying of a stolen Rolex

When a watch is confiscated, do you get papers from Rolex, explaining it was stolen? If so, what kind of actions can be dealt with the dealer?(1)

Buy the seller. A reputable shop will usually make it good if it turns out the used watch they sold you was stolen—trading in stolen goods is (2)

The world’s largest database of lost and stolen watches helps theft victims, insurers and police to recover losses and allows the trade to check if a watch (3)

2. From the Editor: My Seven Stolen Watches and the Worst …

If you have any watch or watches stolen, always report them to the police and report the serial numbers with a police report to the service (4)

that you are the actual owner of the watch (receipt, bill of sale, invoice, etc). Warning: You will I get in trouble if you sell a stolen watch!(5)

Art Recovery International reunites these stolen pieces with their Arab Emirates would have had no idea the watch he was buying was hot.(6)

3. Police Are Auctioning Off $1 Million Worth of Stolen Goods

up $1 million worth o stolen jewellery and watches for a bargain. According to reports, all of the goods were originally purchased (7)

Watches have long been easy targets for thieves. “People can still buy a stolen watch and wear it, without ever looking up the serial (8)

4. 6 Reasons You Would Have To Be An Idiot To Steal A Fine …

Idiots who steal watches will almost always go to another store or pawn shop to sell them for quick cash. When a watch is stolen from an (9)

I want to buy a high-end (10K-15K) Rolex on E-bay. I know, check your seller, etc. I’m not as concerned about buying a fake as I am one that has been.(10)

Years ago I could send a FAX to Rolex with a list of serial numbers taken from watches that I wanted to purchase. Within an hour or so, (11)

So if you buy stolen goods, the legal owner can reclaim them from you and basically its your tough s t. You could then choose to pursue a (12)

Published: Jul 18 Posted Under: rolex stolen orlando, orlando pawn shop rolex, stolen watches pawn So, if it was taken in by accident at our pawn shop.(13)

5. Sell Rolex Tracing Answers – Bob’s Watches

To avoid buying a stolen Rolex it is important to buy from a reputable dealer. If you believe your Rolex is stolen check the serial number with Rolex (14)

Avoid buying stolen goods ▫ Minimise financial loss ▫ Protect your reputation. Recover your lost and stolen watches. Chasing Chrono recommend that all (15)

MyStolenWatсh is an international database of lost and stolen watches. to traders and privates to check if the watch you are buying is not stolen.(16)

6. How to Report a Stolen Watch (Complete Guide)

Generally, in order to file an insurance claim, you need to have a police report. This is why reporting the watch theft to the police is always the first step.(17)

By creating an account on Rolex Tracker, you will always have the serial number stored. explains, “After buying a Rolex people often lose the (18)

Rolex has since stopped this practice, and now will only check if a watch is stolen when it is brought to Rolex to be serviced. If the watch is not registered (19)

Rolex 16234 F5356*** Date Just 2010 Oregon, USA Stolen Rolex 6265 60474*** the market for the purchase / sale of stolen watches is increasingly large, (20)

7. The Watch Register team offers an exclusive promotion to all …

The search service offers a quick and effective risk-mitigation strategy: Avoid buying and selling stolen goods; Minimise the risk of financial (21)

Seized, stolen, abandoned and surplus goods. Don’t worry, it’s totally legal. These assets are actually legally required to be sold at public auction. In (22)

Wouldn’t Rolex be looking for that, buy one themselves and then inform law enforcement? We’re not talking about a single Airking here. Its a lot (23)

8. Girard Perregaux Stolen Watches in Madrid Please contact us …

Girard Perregaux Laureato Listing: $1 Girard Perregaux Stolen Watches in Madrid Please Buy. Suggest a price. Chrono24 Buyer Protection.(24)

Or a Rolex stolen from a display case? and create more safeguards to prevent bargain hunters from unknowingly buying stolen goods.(25)

Q: We have a wholesale jewelry business. Our offices were burglarized and various items were stolen, including some expensive rings and watches.(26)

9. The Watch Register – ProChronos

Avoid buying stolen goods ▫ Minimise financial loss ▫ Protect your reputation. Recover your lost and stolen watches. The database. The Watch Register is (27)

1 answerThe most likely answer is buy a new watch. Stolen watches aren’t recovered very often. See this link on what you should do if your watch is (28)

10. Can a stolen watch be tracked? – ElectroAnswers

What happens if you buy a stolen watch? — If your watch gets stolen or is even just lost, you relay the model number and serial number to the (29)

Sniping on eBay is when you watch other bidders go against each other and then jump in with your bid in the last few seconds to win the item. On (30)


Could this stolen watch help police crack a cold case? Unfortunately, no. Smith said robbers generally unload stolen items quickly, and he (32)

Montres Breguet does not take a position as to the proprietary rights of the timepieces recorded in this list, and advises customers who have purchased or (33)

A purchase another Tudor BB58. I can show proof if you want. I buy and sell watches. I am a pharmacist. Why would I risk a 6 figure plus (34)

Considering to buy a watch ? Use the same search function as the police to check the status of a watch and help reduce criminality around stolen watches.(35)

Enhance your purchase A story all about stolen horses directed towards readers of eleven years old onwards. This is not so much a ‘who done it’ but more of a (36)

I think the buyers of Rolex would not knowing buy a stolen one on the basis that as soon as it gets returned to Rolex it will be passed to (37)

STOLEN. WATCHES. WATCH REGISTER has one objective, to cut down on Luxury Watch crime. Use our Search Facility before you buy that next Pre-Owned Watch.(38)

Risks of Buying · Losing the watch and your cash · Counterfeit watches · Stolen watches · Cloned watches · Buying a watch with an inferior history · No service (39)

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