What Was The Name Of The Hairstyle That The Beatles Made Popular In The Early ’60s?

1. The Origin of the Beatles Haircut – Neatorama

Jan 26, 2012 — When they first came to America in February of 1964, TIME magazine referred to their hair as “mushroom haircuts.” Besides the obvious Beatles (1)

Jun 7, 2020 — So, The Beatle Haircut also known as the mop-top (or moptop) — because of its resemblance to a mop, is a mid-length hairstyle named after and popularised by 1 answer  ·  30 votes: I love this question because I was there when the Beatle cut first started.
The Beatles Why did the Beatles mop top haircuts drive some 15 answersDec 16, 2018Who came up with the Beatles iconic haircuts? – Quora4 answersOct 19, 2018What is the origin of The Beatles’ famous moptop 12 answersApr 25, 2015What hairstyle did the Beatles have? – Quora5 answersMay 25, 2014More results from

Oct 9, 2014 — In just five years, John, Paul, Ringo, and George went from mop-topped heartthrobs on The Ed Sullivan Show to shaggy-haired pioneers of (3)

2. The Beatles’ Mop Tops – Iconic Hairstyles – Videos Index on …

Jun 8, 2012 — In the early ’60s, the Fab Four were wearing mop-top haircuts, a longish style with bangs that resembles a certain household tool. Rock legend (4)

Jul 23, 2010 — The Beatles were famously known for their mop-top haircuts in the early 1960s, but their styles evolved over time.(5)

Nov 13, 2010 — Origin of Beatles’ mop-top style remains a hairy issue. Who played the key role in the band members adopting the now-iconic mop-top hairstyle?(6)

3. Mop Top Hairstyle & Haircut: How To Style It – Men’s Hair Blog

The Mop Top is a hairstyle that is mostly associated with the Beatles during the ’60s; Paul McCartney and the rest of The Beatles’ crew popularized the Mop (7)

Mar 8, 2018 — I was a Beatles fan first,” said Cavendish, who was 20 when he started cutting the Beatles’ hair. “Like everyone else, I loved the records and I (8)

4. A Hairy Story – Internet Beatles Album

I say unknown, because no one these days could quote the name of the barber who at the club for work with what later became known as the Beatle haircut.(9)

Jan 21, 2014 — Thanks to the Beatles, follicle freedom soon flowed from the ports “We didn’t start the fashion, but I guess we sort of popularized it.(10)

A bowl cut, or mushroom cut is a simple haircut where the front hair is cut with a straight In the 1960s the bowl cut made a return in popularity, in part due to (11)

Nov 27, 2010 — Jurgen became one of the Beatle’s photographers. So, technically, the “Beatle Haircut,” should really be called the “Jurgen Vollmer Look”.(12)

or Arthur amongst fans, is a mid-length hairstyle named after and popularized by the Beatles. Mode année 60 : Tout sur la mode des années 1960 !(13)

5. The Sixties . Pop Culture . Newsmakers . The Beatles | PBS

Released in June ’67, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the world’s first critically acclaimed “concept album.” The group’s musical credibility makes a (14)

The Mop Top hairstyle is a style popularized by The Beatles back in the day the Mop Top hairstyle will give your head a fresh 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll look Missing: early ‎| Must include: early(15)

Apr 10, 2020 — Photos: Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top 10 Beatles Albums American who was on the same bill with the Beatles in the early Sixties.(16)

6. The Beatles Impact On Pop Culture – 1535 Words –

The Beatles the famous English rock band, was formed in Liverpool in 1960. The Beatle haircut is also known by the name “Arthur”.(17)

Sep 12, 2011 — Combined with the fluffed-out hair around the top of the head, the moptop gave the hair a shaggy look and feel. In the mid 60s, the moptop (18)

The Beatles make their first visit to the United States, and Beatlemania 20, made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, a popular television (19)

Jul 7, 2020 — The three artists soon became friendly with the Beatles, who found them by Ms. Kirchherr at a fairground in Hamburg, Germany, in 1960.(20)

7. The Best And Worst Hairstyles From The ’60s – It’s Rosy

Aug 2, 2021 — The 1960s have produced some iconic hairstyles and trends, “It’s not the first time popular hairstyles have curtained the eyes.(21)

Oct 14, 2021 — Since meeting him a year earlier, the Beatles admired Jürgen’s keen soon to become the famous Beatle boots), John and Paul inquired (22)

A Beatle boot is a style of boot that has been worn since the 1960s made popular 2000s and early 2010s the boots have seen a steady surge in popularity.(23)

8. The Beatles: John Lennon ‘collapsed laughing’ over band’s …

Mar 31, 2021 — At the time the band was made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George The Beatles received their first moptop haircuts in Hamburg, (24)

John Lennon dreamed up the band’s final name, The Beatles, In Hamburg, The Beatles made their first studio work as a backing band for singer Tony (25)

Their name became widely spread from all the performances they played in The young people who still decided to copy the Beatles hairstyle would be (26)


by M Steffen · 1985 — During the early Sixties, the four members of a • rock band called the Beatles took the field of pop music by storm and their Influence on music contlnes (27)

Jul 21, 2021 — How Do I Get The Mop Top Hairstyle? First, make sure you’ve got your hair at the proper length. You’ll want to use the very center of the top of (28)

10. Fashion of the Beatles

The Beatle haircut, also known as the mop-top because its resemblance to a mop, Later, during the psychedelic era of 1967–1968, The Beatles popularized (29)

Apr 24, 2020 — “When The Beatles got to be famous,” their manager Bob Yorey recalls in ‘Kidnappings’ and TV wrestlers aside, the band soon made it to (30)

And Stuart was the first one who performed onstage with the so-called Beatles or Klaus haircut. Klaus Voormann & Astrid Kirchherr, ca.1960 Klaus Voormann. GROSS (31)

The Beatles the famous English rock band, was formed in Liverpool in 1960. the late 1950s when John Lennon formed his first band called The Black Jacks.(32)

Jun 28, 2019 — The Beatles are arguably the most influential pop band of all time. Speaking to uDiscover Music, Little Steven has described seeing them on (33)

The Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960; as a foursome comprising John Lennon, In Australia, in late March, the band’s songs filled the top six chart (34)

Feb 6, 2014 — The Beatles step onto the tarmac at JFK Airport on February 7, 1964, they’d rapidly become the country’s most popular group, (35)

This group quickly became one of the most popular of all time in the mid to late 1960s. This led to many people seeking to imitate them in appearance.(36)

Feb 3, 2014 — Few pop-culture figures have a coif named after them. But the bouncy Beatle haircut, a borrowed-from-the-German-boys style, balanced out the (37)

May 16, 2020 — She also influenced the band’s hairstyles and fashion sense in the early 1960s.(38)

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