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1. Where can I find a cheap purse that doesn’t fall apart? – Reddit

Michael Kors Handbags – I love purses the way some women love shoes. But I have a hard time mentally justifying buying one for $150 or above from places like Coach, etc.(1)

Burberry Handbags – I’m looking into buying something a little bit better. Thinking around the $150-$250 range if possible. It would be awesome to find a bag that would last me a (2)

Kate Spade Handbags (surprise sales) – Lots of places! ebay, consignment stores, discount stores like TJ Maxx/Saks Off 5th/Nordstrom Rack, thrift stores, flash sale websites like MyHabit, (3)

2. Let’s talk high quality bags and purses : r/femalefashionadvice

Marc Jacobs Handbags – I’d caution against the Rebecca Minkoff sale/outlet items though they are pretty, I bought a purse that I haven’t used yet because the leather is so thin and I’ (4)

Nine West Handbags – I bought a Fossil tote/purse for under $100 last year on super sale and I’ve been incredibly happy with it. I’m now watching for a crossbody (5)

Salvatore Ferragamo Handbags – Unless of course, you’re going to buy a canvas bag from a craft fair for $30 but I do like the idea of buying decent quality things from brands I trust.(6)

3. Best “I am only going to buy one handbag, so it better be good …

Tory Burch Handbags – I am currently using a purse that came free with a make up purchase. Seriously. But I’m thinking it might be time to get a “classic” bag.(7)

Vera Bradley Handbags – So here’s my question: where is the least bad cheap purse? My mother saw a classic all leather coach bag behind the counter and asked to buy it, (8)

4. Ladies who carry designer purses, how often do you buy a …

The Sak Handbags – I buy a designer purse once a year. This is year I am eyeing the Gucci Soho Disco, or a Chloe Drew Bag. But last year, I bought two, the Givenchy Antigona and (9)

Ted Baker Handbags – But I will say, i think only seriously crazy wealthy people will know what season your bag came from, so you might as well buy things from (10)

r/handbagexchange: For redditors who want to trade, buy, or sell their designer handbags.(11)

Trying to buy a purse for my girlfriend, help. Ok, I have no idea what I’m doing. I want to get her something nice, preferably a Louie Vutton?(12)

I like The RealReal, but you’re still not exactly going to get something “cheap”. If you want a luxury handbag but can’t buy one new, (13)

5. affordable but good quality handbag brands? – Reddit

My mom gifted me a Michael Kors Crosby for my birthday. It’s my new work bag. Normally $300 on sale for $125. These bags might not be everyone’s (14)

I want to be able to do this as frugally as possible. Do any of you have any tips when buying a designer bag? Is it better to buy it second hand (15)

I got a bag from them for around $100USD (on sale). Black, crossbody adjustable strap, really nice leather and hardware. I am rough on bags and this still looks (16)

6. Which designer bags are worth buying? : r/femalefashionadvice

Currently I own a diorama in a mauve-nude color and a black YSL WOC. I’ve been eyeing the Valentino Rockstud shoulder bag that has the top handle and can be (17)

I’ve been looking for an affordable black shoulder bag for everrrrr now, I can’t seem to find the right I always buy my purses at Ross.(18)

I need advice about handbags. I’m looking for a shoulder bag/tote that is not too big (8″ wide or less ish) Any advice on brands, where to buy, etc?(19)

She has always said she wanted a nice designer bag but can never get herself to spend the money on it and anytime I have offered to buy her one she has talked (20)

7. [REQUEST] Purses: Is it really worth buying a ‘brand’ name …

If not, ask whoever you bought it from. Chances are they they know someone, or a company, that can fix handbags. Personal Use: Invest in a handbag hanger! It (21)

Hello, I want to buy a handbag for my wife. She was about to buy a really nice coach bag once, but she didn’t like how flashy it was. She’s had the…(22)

I stopped buying designer bags after I was in an elevator with a CEO who is considered one of the US’s top 50 female CEOs and she had a Tory (23)

8. Can’t shake the desire for a designer purse – Reddit

Buying secondhand is great advice! It’s not designer and I didn’t think to buy secondhand at the time, but I bought a Patagonia sling bag at the (24)

Thanks to u/Lucyc17’s review, I bought the N9 mini in chalk. It is a quality bag! 39.(25)

I bought a coach bag at Dillard’s a few years back and was told the color combo was specific to them. Upvote 5(26)

9. Where is the best place to sell a handbag? : r/Louisvuitton

I received an authentic luxury handbag, not LV, I’d rather sell it and buy one of the LV cross bodies I’ve been wanting.(27)

This Pin was discovered by Women Handbags. @reddit by crimebydesign #pursesreddit Cheap Purses, Cute Purses, Small Purses, Handbags.(28)

10. Is Everyone Buying Fake Bags But Me? – Elle

Full Frame Shot Of Purses For Sale At Market Stall and thousands more lurkers, and it’s far from your run-of-the-mill Reddit forum.(29)

Check out our reddit bag selection for the very best in unique or custom, At Home, Camping, For Groom,Without Alcohol,Ideas,Card Games, Bus, Cheap.(30)

Learn more about Shop TODAY. In the designer handbag market, the purses that have everyone abuzz typically come with price tags that are nearly (31)

Love designer handbags, but worry about buying them online? Here are 9 US websites you can shop for designer handbags with confidence.(32)

But if you’ve never shopped luxury, it can be hard to make that first purchase. “I only recently started investing in luxury bags now that I (33)

Cheap Designer Bags Reddit. 2022-01-30 09:57:04pm. WHERE TO BUY SOCCER JERSEYS REDDIT? – TeamRockie. Hippie boho bag | Wholesale hobo bags(34)

Every time I go to Walmart, I see women wearing stained sweats, socks with sandals, and carrying a Louis Vuitton tote. Or a Chanel purse.(35)

The first bag I invested in over 10 years ago was from Matt & Nat, and since then, almost all of my bags have been Matt & Nat. But sadly I won’t be buying (36)

Having a new bag on hand is fabulous unless you have to empty your wallet to get it. When you buy via links on this page, I may earn an (37)

We asked an expert for the inside scoop on exactly how to buy an Hermès bag. Click through to read up before you make the purchase.(38)

If you are looking for a designer handbag, belt, accessory, clothing, etc then Paris is If you buy this same bag in Paris you will save roughly $3,422.(39)

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