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How To Learn Fashion

Hundreds of step by step video lessons taught by fashion college professors. Make clothes by learning draping, pattern making, art, sewing and other h …

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What Is A Fashion Plate

Created by the French, fashion plates are images depicting women, and sometimes men, dressed in the latest styles and trends. Even after the advent of …

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How To Be A Fashion Buyer

Mar 27, 2018 — The fashion industry feels like an uncrackable industry, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how a fashion buyer landed her first job a …

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Why Is 90s Fashion Back

Sep 13, 2021 — Shop fashion trends from the ’70s to the ’00s like cargo pants, bucket hats, claw clips, dad jeans and other trends. See options from …

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How To Use Fashion Tape

Lingerie tape, also known as cleavage tape, fashion tape, dress tape and tit tape, … Some also use a strip of moleskin under the breasts with tape a …

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How To Fashion Sketch

A Croquis is a drawing of a fashion model that you trace over to design clothing. You can also call it a fashion figure or template. Fashion croquis c …

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