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Spa Therapies For Peace Of Mind

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending the weekend at spa hotels. But with so many choice of treatments, you might be wondering where to begin. Most people attend a spa break to help soothe their worries and calm their body, so you want to seek out treatments that aim to do more than this. You don’t want to go for the surface level treatments like a manicure as they might make your nails look pretty, but they won’t do anything for your wellbeing. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best spa therapies for peace of mind so you can make the most of your retreat.

Aromatherapy Massage

One spa therapy that you’ll see everywhere is aromatherapy. Making use of essential oils, this treatment uses their calming properties to soothe your mind and incorporates massage alongside them. Different aromas can promote different results. For example, lavender is said to calm you down, peppermint can revitalise you, sandalwood reduces anxiety, and chamomile can improve your mood. It’s a good idea to discuss your worries with the therapist beforehand so they can choose the perfect oils for your treatment. They may be able to target specific areas of the body as well, so you’ll hopefully see an improvement in your overall wellbeing afterwards.

Hair Treatments

You might not realise it, but if you aren’t looking after yourself, your hair will also suffer. Lots of spas offer deep conditioning treatments for your hair, that not only rehydrate it, but will also nourish your scalp too. The hair treatments will often involve massaging your head as well to stimulate your blood circulation. This alone can help reduce your stress and any tension headaches that you may have had. So, if you’re struggling with stress headaches, you should definitely look to getting hair treatments while on your spa break.

Mud Face And Body Mask

Mud is said to have healing properties so a lot of spas will offer mud wraps and facials to try and detoxify and soothe the skin. Although this treatment focuses on the outer layer of your skin, the process itself can be extremely relaxing. Normally, the mud wraps will incorporate warm towels and gentle massage, helping any tension in your body to be released. You may also be left for some time with the mud on your body, allowing you to lie peacefully while surrounded by calming music and scents.

Steam Rooms

Steam is used a lot in spas as it has many different uses. It can be used to open up the pores in a facial, but it can also be used to calm the mind. Sitting or laying in a steam room can allow any congestion to become loose and clear your breathing pathways. Being able to breathe clearly can help you to focus your mind and in turn, calm your body. Steam rooms can be a great place for contemplation as well. Sitting alone for a while in this type of environment can enable you to really forget about your daily stresses and enjoy your own company.


You may have heard of this treatment, but you may not know exactly what it is. Reflexology is when pressure is applied to the hands, feet, or ears on specific pressure points. This is said to help calm your peripheral nerves and eliminate any tension in your nervous system. Reflexology can also help reduce pain, which can also help you to feel better mentally as well. So, if you’re wanting to soother your mind and body, you might want to give this one a go on your next retreat.

Spa breaks can be fabulous ways to spend your free time, but they do actually have a lot of benefits to your mental wellbeing. Treatments like aromatherapy and steaming can really calm your mind and reflexology and mud treatments are great at releasing tension. The next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, why not book a spa weekend? You’ll soon see the difference it can make to your peace of mind.

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