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Neck Tattoos: a Bold Way to Show Your Individuality

Nowadays, tattoos are no longer unique and shocking. You can ink any image on any part of the body, starting from toes and ending with the scalp. However, there are still some individuals who are willing to astonish others with their appearance. They create new designs, bold colors combinations, and motifs. The neck is an unconventional tattoo placement.

Neck tattoos are mostly daredevils’ thing. Not everyone can dare to get such body art — accordingly, neck tats say a lot about their wearers. You can cover images on the back of your neck with clothes, but front neck tattoos are quite difficult to hide.

Neck tattoos show one’s individuality and worldview. Those who have this type of body art like being in the spotlight. Plus, they don’t care what anybody thinks as they are self-assured. Creative people, such as artists, designers, or musicians, often go for neck tattoos.

Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men

Neck tattoos for guys have a self-centered and even aggressive look. They emphasize masculine qualities like strength, confidence, courage, spirit, and determination. That’s why a roaring lion, bear, or howling wolf are the most common tattoo sketches. Birds of prey, such as owls, eagles, and ravens, are also jaw-dropping options. Mystical images, for example, crosses, Celtic and Egyptian symbols, look daring tattooed on the neck. Plus, consider bat tattoo ideas as they look eye-popping.

Many youngsters opt for short inscriptions. As a rule, they get them inked on the side or the back of the neck. Playing cards, dice, weapons, banknotes, and barcodes are super snazzy tattoo sketches.

Men prefer tattooing black and white sketches in realism, biomechanics, Chicano, or Old school styles.

On-Trend Options for Women

Most neck tats for women are done in a minimalist style. Tiny images emphasize the femininity of their wearer. Girls go for gentle tattoo sketches that highlight sensuality, sex appeal, and charms. Small images are often inked behind the ear. Plus, necklace tattoos look unusual and splendid.

Girls consider sophisticated flowers and whimsical patterns in soft pastel colors the best choice.

Before getting this type of body art, remember that neck tattoos can be really painful. is the best platform for finding an ideal tattoo sketch for you. Our website has no shortage of options for various tattoos. A tattoo artist near you will help you choose the best placement for your dream tat!

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