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November Wish List – BUY ALL THE THINGS!

November 6, 2013

Howdy lovlies,

How are you all today? So, today I thought I’d cobble together my wishlist for November, hoping that some rich person will see this and think, gosh I’m going to buy Beth all these things for being so awesome! Alternatively, I hope my husband is reading this…


november wish list

1) Lip Scrub from Lush  £5.75

The first thing on my wish list is a lip scrub from Lush. Admittedly I don’t own many products from Lush, the shop gives me a right old headache. I don’t know how people work in there all day! Secondly, I NEVER exfoliate my lips, and I really should. I get such bad dry, flaky lips and complain about it daily, but never actually do anything about it. I’ve seen a few bloggers mention these lip scrubs, and I think one of these would be a great starter product

2) Penguin Onesie from Boohoo - £25

Right, don’t judge me for this. I love a good onsie, and I love tacky products, so this is a winner for me. So cosy for the winter!

3) Bird Star Print Collar Top from Oasis – £22

If you know me, you’ll know that my favourite wardrobe staples are collars, jumpers and things with birds on, so this ticks two of those boxes! I need this in my life.

4) Cat Ear Ring from Paper Doll £1.70

This little ring is SO adorable and I’ve been lusting after it for a while. Go check out her shop as well, so many other cute bits and bobs. This one isn’t too pricy either, so thinking I might have to purchase this soon!

5) Phwoarr Paint by Seventeen – £5.49

Now this.. THIS is the one I’ve been seriously wanting. I get such bad dark circles, and although I do love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I’m always up for trying new things. So many other bloggers have been raving about this product, I need it in my life. I haven’t seen it in store yet, so I’m sure whenever I see it next, it might make its way into my collection.

6) Essie Nail Varnish in After School Boy Blazer – £7.82

Another product where I’m jumping on the bandwagon here. I don’t actually own any Essie varnishes, but I’ve heard such good things about them. This colour just looks so rich and gorgeous, and blue is my favourite colour!

7) MAC 239 brush –  £20

This a long term lust, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to fulfill this month. I did try to buy this when I visited the Covent Garden MAC store at the end of last month. You can read about my experience here! However, they didn’t have it in stock, I was heartbroken! I went for the 231 instead, but I still have some money left on my MAC voucher, so this baby is coming with me!

So, that is it! All of the things I’m lusting after this month. What’s on your wishlists? I’d love to know! Also, have you tried any of these products, am I missing out??


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  • Erika

    I love the onesie and the blouse is gorgeous! Hope you get your wishlist!

    • beautyinbeta

      Thanks Erika! Me too! ;) hehe xox

  • Charlotte (@makupbcandlelit)

    The Oasis top is really pretty very retro :O). Xx

    • beautyinbeta

      Thanks Charlotte, I really like it! Anything with collars and birds is good in my book! ;) thanks for your comment! xo

  • joannahollyxo

    You’ve reminded me to order my frog onesie from boohoo. If we do a London meet up we have to wear them ok? Preferably the meet would be on a Tuesday and collaborate with pet Tuesdays ;)
    If you want to exfoliate your lips with the scrub (which is amazing btw) then use an old toothbrush, works wonders!
    Love your wish list x

    • beautyinbeta

      Not if.. WHEN! ;) Hahah, oh my gosh, that would be amazing. Don’t test me, because I will wear it in public and embarrass you!!

      Oooo great, thanks for the advice! :D xox

  • joannahollyxo

    Without the scrub I meant, not with

    • beautyinbeta

      Oh… haha… I getcha! ;)

  • KittNoir

    Love the Kitty ring! :)

    • beautyinbeta

      Me tooo! It’s so cheap too, and she’s lovely, I like to support small independent stores! :D xo

  • ThroughTheLookingGlassAndDownTheRabbitHole

    I’ve been eyeing up After School Boy Blazer too ;)

    • beautyinbeta

      It’s such a lovely colour, I think it’s been pretty popular in the blogging world! Love the Essie shades! :D Thanks for your comment xo

  • Forever Maddy B

    Love the nail polish color!

    • beautyinbeta

      Me too Maddy! :) Thanks for your comment! xo

  • hannah

    I have the lip scrub from LUSH in the popcorn flavour! I love mainly allll their products however i just dont like the scrubs! They are such a weird taste! I tend to apply so much lipbalm and it does the trick! xox

    • beautyinbeta

      Oh really? That’s a shame! :( Ah, lip balm doesn’t seem to properly work for me, it’ll moisturise, but not actually get rid of the dead skin! :( Thanks for commenting love xo

  • MothLoves

    I need that Onesie hehe :) xx

    • beautyinbeta

      Haha, they have quite a few other animals if penguins aren’t your thing! :D Thanks for your comment lovie xo

  • Rosie Baillie

    That cat ring is so adorable! I want one for each finger.

    • beautyinbeta

      You should get them! They’re so cheap and cute, and they’re a nice small independent company! :D xo

  • The Little Things Blog

    I’ve been wanting that Essie nail polish so badly! Everyone in the beauty world is talking about! Its so hard to find essie nail polishes where I live. :(

    • beautyinbeta

      Oh no! That’s a shame, where do you live?? xo

      • The Little Things Blog

        I live in Saudi Arabia :P Im determined to find this color!

  • laurynxo

    You should definitely try the Santa’s lip scrub its amazing!

    • beautyinbeta

      ooo, is that by Lush?? xo

      • laurynxo

        yeah it’s limited edition though so if you buy it make sure you buy it soon because I think it’s only out for the Christmas period x

  • Veronica Vargas

    Love the bubblegum lip scrub from lush..! It is such a treat for me..! :)

    • beautyinbeta

      Ooo sounds so lovely! :D ox

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